Send your video

Choose your map

The important thing is to choose a map that you know how to do well and that has not yet been treated on the site. Avoid maps where you are hesitant, as you must avoid as many faults and breaks in your video as possible. Some maps require several attempts before being realized, and therefore, filmed, do not hesitate to repeat the filming to have the best possible video.

You can find a list of maps P3 and P13 (rotation bootcamp) on the records google sheet.

Load map

To load a map, you must create a utility room by typing /room # utility0[yourname] (for example: /room #utility0ecknial) in chat. Then type !map [@code map] (for example: !map @ 124000).

From there, you must remove all the suits equipped and disable the /watch if it was activated.

Virtual keyboard

First of all you need to download HotVirtualKeyboard. HotVirtualKeyboard is a software with an infinite test period (a bit like winrar) and which allows you to display the keys of your keyboard.

Open your file explorer and go to C:\Program Files\HotVirtualKeyboard\Keyboards. Create a new text document that you name Transformice and paste the following text into this document:

; Transformice
Copyright (c) 2006-2015 Comfort Software Group
Height = 200
Width = 485
13 = 231.68; 301.101; label: Enter
37 = 76.110; 146.180
38 = 154.32; 224.102
39 = 231.110; 301.180
40 = 154.110; 224.180
68 = 416.147; 449.180; label: d
69 = 35.147; 68.180; label: e
81 = 342.147; 375.180; label a
83 = 379.147; 412.180; label: s
87 = 379.110; 412.143; label: w

Then, open HotVirtualKeyboard. Right click on the keyboard → edit keyboard type → open → select Transformice in the list and ok, then modify → add background and add this image.

Your keyboard is configured, you can close the window. The keyboard appears over the chat of the game and agrees with the rest of the interface (if not, modify the proportions of the keyboard by stretching on the sides of it).


For this step, you need a video capture software that can film all your screen (and not just an application). I chose OBS, which is free.

Download OBS.

Once downloaded and opened, right click in the scene area, then add, and create a scene that you nameTransformice. In the source area, right click → display capture → create new → display. Stretch the scene through the red edges to achieve a frame like this:

If you want to listen to music while you are filming, turn off the audio in Desktop Audio.

Go to Settings → Output → Output Mode Advanced → Recording and fill in the same way.

In the video tab, fill in the same way.

Close the window and click Start recording to start the video. Once the filming is launched, try to get a good render. Stop the recording.


Avidemux is free and allows you to crop the video to only have your final test in the video.

Download Avidemux.

Open your video in Avidemux. Launch your video and stop it when your mouse appears for its final test. Click on the A on orange background, then relaunch the video until the entry in the hole of your mouse, stop the video, click on B on orange background.

Check in output format that MP4 muxer is selected and then file → save. Name the file with the name [@code] of the map. If your video is a cut, name it « [@code] cut ».

Submit your video

Your video is finished, you can now send your mp4 file by email to Do not forget to indicate your pseudo in the mail so that I know who sends it to me!

All you have to do is wait for me to get your video up and running.